1. morethantonight said: Hi! I edited one of your Scisaac manips, I hope that is okay. I just added flowercrowns and gave you ownership credits for the image. Just let me know if you want the credits to be different. If you want to take a look at it, it's over here: morethantonight(.)tumblr(.)com/post/55913756148/base-image-owner-credit-x-im-just-mildly

    Yeah that’s fine as long you gave credit of me with it. I’m cool with that. Thank you. You’re wonderful. :)

  2. pikachuchainz said: Oh my goodness. I love to find male Sterek shippers, and you are AMAZING. Your art brings me to tears. I love it! Thank you very much. :)

    Oh my gosh I thought I was alone too. Everyone in this tumblr so nice and bring me joy and tears of happiness. Thank you so much. I’m so gladthat you liked it.

  3. captainangelofthelord said: *might be attempting to write a fanfiction for the destiel city of angels edit you made in 2012. * heh. But anyways, if i doend up making this and it turns out pretty okay. would it be fine if i used the edit for the cover on ff. net or whatever place i post it on? hehe. It's been over a year since you posted it and i found it.

    Ohhh wow you remember the year. That’s fine you can use it to your fanfic as long as you don’t remove the watermark. And use it with wisely and respect. I would love to read it too and tell me when the fanfic is done. :3 thank you.

  4. FYI

    Hey guys. I know some people is still looking my manipulation… but I’m really busy right now. Finally i got a job. I’m overwhelming because i got different job from my concentration. From a graphic designer to be an accountant it’s make me crazy. But don’t worry I still do something for you guys. I’m not in the mood for manipulation photo but I draw some fanart. I’m planning to make and sell fanartbook or open commision. My another account tumblr with my real identity so I will tell you later when everything set off. But don’t worry I won’t give up this account. You guys supported me so much. Thank you.

  5. Finally back to manip again, but i can not update as often as usual, i’m extremely busy right now i have so many things to do. My cracked ship Hunter Parrish and Logan Lerman (Parman) WHY WHY WHY, they are so adorable but I’m sailing with this cracked ship. It’s make me so sad … I need a fanfic right now … but it’s cracked ship. T.T


  6. Stiles has grown up. He has been a doctor. He tried to move on from everything, from supernatural things, werewolf, shadow of his mother died and his father died too, then his heart has broke by Derek. He was hurt with everything so he walked into his own way. Glad he has made it. The last time He talked to Derek was “You can choose that girl instead of me Derek, but i’m done with it, You don’t know what i feels” Stiles walked away and never looked back. Inside of his heart he wanted Derek will call him again, hold him, pull him, but the fact Derek did not. Stiles just walked with his pain and tears. But He just didn’t know that Derek watched him every time. Now Stiles has back again to Beacon Hill. He called by the Hospital to work there because there was something urgent. So this was the story begun.


    I wanna write this fic but i didn’t have time to write or manipulation again, i’m sorry, thank you for wait me. :’) i hope i will be back soon again.


  7. hell55 said: Hello, I read your fanfic and I still can not describe the emotions that I feel. But I would be grateful if you give me permission to  translate this fic into Russian.

    Wow sure, just give the credit with it, when you finish it later. I really glad you happy with that. Thank you :D. and thank you for that emotions too :).

  8. emlion said: Omg tho, I was listening to Poison and Wine by the Civil War and just decided to scroll thru your blog and now I'm sad and happy and ur blog needs to stop being so perfect.

    Thank you so much, Glad you enjoy that :D.I hope i can produce manipulation or story again soon. :) and make everyone hapy again. Thank you.

  9. emlion said: Are these photo manips or did u draw them? Either way they're fantastic!

    Actually I did both, :). When my manipulation lose some of their part i draw them for cover it or complete it. Glad you enjoy it. You’re fantastic too. I hope you’ll be patient for wait my next manip. I was kinda stuck right now. Thank you so much. :)

  10. truekidd2012-deactivated2014022 said: Avez-vous fait des photos des bébés Sterek ces derniers temps?

    No i didn’t, i kinda busy right now T.T. I wanna do manipulation or draw something again, but i cant. It was like blank page inside my brain. But i will be back next time, i promise. I wanna do Manip Sterek and Baby again. Thank you for ask me. I hope my condition and my feelings will get better soon. I hope teenwolf season 3 will comeback soon so i can get some inspiration again. Thank you so much.

  11. rylaraves said: Oh, E!Online had a snippet that Derek Hale is going to have a new love interest in Season 3 and it's not going to be Stiles *crying buckets*

    Ihank you so much for your information, cry me a river, i don’t wanna cry but i can’t handle it … it’s too much pressure, i’m happy for him if he will be someone else. but no matter what my heart belongs to STEREK. I believe anything could happened. *cry together

  12. himeshinra:

    fujoshi + hot toys = this. 

    Clint Barton & Steve Rogers 

    the-blind-writer was the one who posed them. he and I always collaborate to create magnificent yaoi poses with my action figures :P 

    WOW you posted it. Your hot toys was awesome. I hope you will have Tony Stark next time, so i can explore the kamasutra STONY pose. lol


  13. ~The Little Merman and The Werewolf Prince~


  14. ~Give Me Love~

    "Derek, i knew it."

    "Stiles …"

    "I don’t want to push you."

    "But i …"

    "You love her don’t you" Stiles touched Derek’s face until dropped it into Derek’s neck.

    "I’m sorry" Derek held Stiles’s hand with so tight.

    "I just want you to be happy, even if your love it’s not for me, even if my love it’s not just what you looking for, even if our love it’s not just what we looking for. "

    "I really need you beside me Stiles" Derek held Stiles’s hand slightly and tight.

    "I can’t" Stiles tried to pull his hand from his grip but it was too tight.

    "Stiles, i can’t let you go, i don’t want our relationship end up like this."

    "I’m sorry Derek, it’s the best for us."

    "You love her Derek. I’m so glad that you’re happy. Yes your love it breaks my heart. I will choose to live with my own life right now. We just get on with it. I will try to get over you. I don’t want to see her sadness because of this because i know how it feels" Derek released his grip and Stiles touched his neck once more then pulled his hand back.

    "It’s not easy for you, you always hurt, now this pain because of me, i’m sorry."

    "It’s not easy to see you walk with her, hold her, touch her,… kiss her."


    "… But i’m so happy to see you smile again."

    "Stiles." They stared each other, searched something in their eyes. Memories. But ring Stiles’s phone brought them to real life again.

    "It’s time to go"


    "Goodbye Derek" and Stiles kissed him for the last time and then walked to the door.

    "I’m sorry"


    "you will be fine, right?" Derek asked to him.

    "I’ll be fine" Stiles answered it.

    "Will we meet again?" Derek asked once more when he was opened the door.

    "…" Stiles stopped his step and didn’t answer it,

    "…" But Derek just saw a little smile from behind when Stiles turned his face with slightly. Derek didn’t see his eyes. His eyes with tears without Derek noticed it. Derek heard Stiles heart beat was fast. Promiscuous. Sadness. Pain. Hurt. He tried to hold him but Stiles closed the door fast as he can. Derek was stand like a statue in front of the door that slammed in front of him. The other side Stiles didn’t want to look back, Run until the air didn’t feel it inside his lungs. Everybody was hurt.

    Stiles POV Extended:

    There was a teenager, stopped his running in the middle of the rain, really hard rain. With backpack in his back. Back pack full of exhausted, painful, misery, tears, and hurt. He bent and hold his knees and He said to himself

    It’s hurt that I miss all the things you are now. It’s hurt When you smile again, love again, touch again with someone that is not me. When i’m not yours anymore, it’s what hurts the most. How can i live with my life like this. I live with the skyfall alone. A lonely road to nowhere. I really love you Derek, but why it should end up like this why. I’m sorry to make you confused about your feelings. I hate this feelings. I hate this condition. I wish i never met you. I wish i could forget you. Dad, Mom i miss you. Mom i hope you still life and tell me what should i do, I miss you.”

    When he still daydream with pain, he didn’t realize that he was stand in the middle of street, Suddenly there was the light and sound of horn came from in front of him. He frozen and … “I pull my word back. Thanks god, glad that i have met you. I love you Derek. I wish you happy" a couple minutes later sound of ambulance sirens heard. Let the rain fall down… "Hard rain give me love”.

    Derek POV Extended:

    Derek woke up. He heard something fall and sound of broken glass.




    I heard Ed Sheeran songs today and everything into sadness and angsty T.T


  15. ~Jyler~

    So much potential pairing in the vampire diaries since i have seen the first season. Especially Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy Gilbert (Jyler) but why they’re just disappeared at the last and the new seasons. I was wondering, were they just acknowledge Jyler fandom and their chemistry? Now i really hope this fandom will be bigger and bigger, because they’re really cute together. :(. Please make more Jyler in the new episode. I do really missed their chemistry in the first seasons.